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Customized IP services help you add fuel to the fire of genius.

YOUR SCHEDULE. YOUR BUDGET: O’Keefe IP Counsel works on-site or virtually – on your schedule and within your budget – to create an IP strategy that best suits your products and business objectives. OIPC also assists with over-flow work, and flat-fees are available for many projects. Partnering with OIPC means your intellectual property and potential revenue building ideas are in respected and trusted hands.

MEETING YOUR NEEDS: As-needed patent law services and temporary in-house IP Counsel services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of you and your company – whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a start-up company, or a large, well-established corporation. OIPC’s customized IP services allow you and your company to experience the value of having a full-time in-house Intellectual Property attorney at a fraction of the cost.

INNOVATIVE: Together we can determine your specific IP needs, but some options for customizing your in-house IP service – beyond traditional preparation and prosecution – include regular on-site visits, creating, implementing, and maintaining IP strategies, and working confidently, side-by-side, with any and all members of your team, including business owners and leaders, general counsel, investors, inventors, and researchers.

HELPING YOU GROW: O’Keefe IP Counsel takes pride in assisting clients with new and existing patents in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Over two decades of IP knowledge and experience helps create a focus on specific IP issues that will promote value for long-term IP growth, reduce business and investor risks, and minimize costs for your company.